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Welcome to the online store of autospark.eu

The autospark.eu e-shop is an online retail store selling products via the Internet.

The company Ι.Bourloglou&Co.Inc (VAT No: 998500654) is located in the municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece, EU.

K. Palama 9

zip code 54630
Tel: ++30 2310 536381
Fax: ++30 2310 536381
Email: info@autospark.eu

We provide services to all visitors or customers, only upon acceptance of the terms below. If you visit or make purchases through autospark.eu, you  automatically accept these terms.

Also, note that the use or purchase of any services offered by the online store autospark.eu  are subject to certain terms of use, with the exception of certain cases whose  deviation from these conditions are mentioned.


The entire contents of the shop, including names, brands, images, graphics, photographs, texts, etc. are the property of Ι.Bourloglou&Co.Inc and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. It is forbidden to copy, transfer, or derive work creation based on the content of this or mislead the public about the real provider of the shop.

The reproduction, uploading, posting, distribution,  transmission or any other use of content in any manner, for commercial or other purposes, is permitted only with prior written consent of the firm Ι.Bourloglou&Co.Inc (VAT No: 998500654)  located in the municipality of Thessaloniki (Address: K. Palamas 5. postcode 54630, Thessaloniki). The photographs illustrating the products are indicative only and cannot be binding for autospark.eu, under any circumstances.

All company logos belong to respective companies. (the images are used from the public domain) Furthermore, with respect to technical features and product descriptions from partners or suppliers, autospark.eu is relieved of any liability with regard to the strength and veracity of their content.

Privacy Policy

Autospark.eu uses only two things for Client recognition:

  • the Login (Username) and
  • The Personal Security Password (Password)

Any time you enter, you are offered access with complete safety to your personal information. You are given the opportunity to change your Personal Security Password (Password), as often as you wish.

The only one who has access to your information is you, through the above code, and you are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of any third parties. In case of loss or leakage you must immediately inform us. Autospark.eu is not responsible for the use of your personal password by any unauthorized person.

Advertising Messages

Autospark.eu e-Shop allows users to choose whether to be informed about new products, special offers, and / or payment arrangements, etc., by sending advertising – messages to e-mail or postal address, or by telephone. Autospark.eu e-Shop will not overuse the above service.You are always given the right to stop receiving advertising messages any time you choose.

Payment and Security

Autospark.eu has 3 available ways to pay

  • Credit Card Visa, MasterCard and Diners (secure environment of Eurobank)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Deposit to our bank account in Eurobank. (Account numbers ans Swift Codes will received after order confirmation). Added cost 3.00 Euros

The on-line payment via credit card through the security system “Secure Socket Layer” which provides the encoding (encrypting) of your banking information on their transmission network. All payments to autospark.eu are monitored and evaluated by Eurobank EFG.

For all transactions on our site, you are insured by Eurobank EFG. If Eurobank EFG perceives a risk and refuses to guarantee the security of a transaction, we can refuse to process your order.

All bank transfer remittances should be deposited within 2 working days from the filing date of the order. Beyond this limit, the order will be canceled. Accordingly, delivery takes place within 1-2 working days from the date of receipt of remittance. All bank fees are charged to the customer. All required bank account information will be made known to you upon completion of your order.

Trade Safety and e-shop Security

Autospark.eu uses SSL protocol, with 256-bit encryption, for secure online trading.

This method encrypts all personal information, including credit card number, name, and address so that they cannot be read or changed during transfer over the Internet. SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), is now the global standard for the online encryption of data between network users and network servers. (Websites and Webservers)

An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and to be decrypted by the receiving software, protecting all personal information during transmission. In addition, all information sent to the SSL protocol, is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks whether the data has been changed during transfer offering an added layer of security.

Shipment Charges and Delivery Methods

It is important to know in advance the charges for our shipments.

All orders are shipped the same day for orders received before 12:00pm Monday through Friday. Orders received after 12:00pm will be sent the following working day. Orders received after 12:00pm Friday, are delivered on Monday.

We offer you 4 shipping methods to choose from:

1. Through the Greek National Post Office Agency
2. Through DHL express Courier Company. Check the exact delivery time for your country and the shipping cost
3. Directly from our shop. (see map)
4. Any method of your choice. (by arrangement)

If your order is processed before 12 pm, it will be prepared within a day, provided the product ordered is available in stock.
Autospark.eu cannot be held responsible for consequences due to delay in delivery or loss of your package by the carrier.
In the absence of the package at times quoted, a survey is carried out by the carrier and lasts up to 15 days. During this period, no refunds or reshipments will occur. Upon receipt of your order, please verify that the products correspond to your order otherwise write in the delivery form handwritten comments of any anomaly after signing.
You should also confirm these comments via fax (+30 2310 536381) or via email to info@autospark.eu on the same day or no later than one working day after having received your order. Any request made outside this period will not be accepted and autospark.eu will be exempt from any liability to the customer.

If products must be returned, they should be sent within 2 days after delivery, to the following address:

K. Palama 5, postcode 54630,
Thessaloniki, Greece

For security reasons, all orders paid by credit card are subject to verification by autospark.eu.
Additional information can be obtained, or be required to validate your purchase. To avoid any delays, we urge you to make orders using…

  • a proprietary or business address email
  • a landline telephone number (home or work)

… so that we can contact you at any time.
In addition, for each order with a value exceeding the limit set by autospark.eu (1000 Euros), you will be asked to send us identification and proof of a valid address by fax, email, or post. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, however, these measures demonstrate our determination to protect our customers from possible fraud.

Legal Information for the Sales Our Products

The products sold by Autospark.eu are manufactured for the European market  (e.g. dashboard switches are for left wheel cars) and are to be used with equipment in the same region.

Technical Specifications and other information of products on sale are available and can be retrieved by following the search instructions listed on our website and by clicking on the name of the respective product.


The prices listed on the Site are in Euros and include all taxes (23% VAT) in addition to shipping costs. Shipping costs are charged to the client and displayed during the checkout process at the end of the order in addition to the price of the selected products. Autospark.eu reserves the right to change prices on the Site at any time but we are bound to apply the prices appearing on the Website at the time of your order


Please note that we process your order according to the availability of our stock. If one of our products is not available in our inventory, we are committed to contact you via email within 1 working day from the date of the order, informing you of the deadline within which it can be delivered. Additionally, the availability of our products is indicative only and not binding.

Return – Refund

Returns will be accepted if the products are in excellent condition, in original packaging with full contents (accessories, instructions, etc.) Please note that all transportation costs are incurred by the client when returning products (i.e., the product is shipped at customer’s expense). We advise that all returns be via registered mail, or currier, along with the declared shipment value representing the total cost of products shipped. This is necessary in case of theft or loss. In any case, the customer is 100% responsible for any product returns.

For any damaged products, or packaging, you will not receive total compensation. If the product that is returned is incomplete or damaged, a price reduction will be applied after diagnosis by the customer service department of autospark.eu.

Guarantee does not apply when:

  • repair is needed due to damage caused by external causes (eg: accident, blow, thunder, electric swings…)
  • use or installation which is not in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions
  • failure to follow instructions for the proper maintenance of equipment
  • commercial or corporate use
  • inappropriate use of peripherals, accessories, and consumables.

The compensation will be made to the customer’s credit card account to which the payment was received, or by an equivalent wire transfer to an account designated by the customer. Guarantees of products sold by autospark.eu does not cover:

  • replacement of consumables (batteries, lamps, fuses, wipers, antennas)
  • abnormal or improper use of products. regarding this point, we invite you to read the instructions accompanying the product
  • damage due to accessories (power cables)
  • defects and their consequences caused by the intervention of a non-approved repairers (autospark.eu approval)
  • defects and their consequences caused by inappropriate use of the product (professional usage, collective usage …)
  • defects and their consequences caused by any external cause.

Autospark.eu cannot be held responsible if manufacturers refuse to implement their guarantees. The manufacturer may request payment of filing fees minus payment of any expenditures. Upon acceptance of an analysis of projected costs, the customer must send autospark.eu a wire transfer in an amount equal to the amount specified in the analysis of projected costs.